Our Mission


Our mission is to grow your business through referrals.


Cercle is our platform. It lets you create a powerful partners programs.

Business Strategy

We use the power of social media to help you truly know the people referring you.


Why Cercle?

The idea for Cercle comes from two powerful facts:


  • 60% of new business is generated by customer recommendations.
  • Businesses are 6X more likely to close the sale if a prospect is referred by someone they know.

It’s clear : Your customers are your most valuable tool for growing your business.

Cercle is a unique platform that leverages the power of your customers’ influence by making it easy for them to refer you to others. Combining expert marketing strategy with the latest technology, we’ve created a better way to gather, track, manage and reward customer referrals that help your business grow.



How does it work?

Cercle turns customer happiness into new business for you.

Growing a business gets more difficult every year. Advertising is expensive. And the sales function is time consuming. But you may be overlooking a powerful sales force you already have : Your customers.

Cercle helps you capitalize on the people who already love you and easily track their results.


    • We help you set goals and identify potential referrers.
    • We create a campaign online to help you enlist candidates.
    • We create your customized Cercle platform based on your objectives.
    • We develop a rewards program to encourage your best advocates to become recurring new business providers.
    • We offer new clients the opportunity to become referrers too.
    • Cercle is simple to use.
    • Seamless platform integration.
    • We verify every referral to ensure quality.
    • You get the tools you need to track your growth .
    • Cercle is with you every step of the way.
    • We already have happy customers ourselves

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